What People Are Saying

What people who have experienced Poetry & Coffee are saying:

“No hyperbole – this was one of the greatest and most unforgettable nights of my life.” – Rich Alexandro

“Thanks for waking me from my slumber.” – James McMenamin

“Put poetry readers together and somehow it becomes mystical. Revelatory. How? Just trust. It does. Poetry & Coffee has introduced me to my new favorite poems – and new favorite people. It gives us back to ourselves. Time without to-do’s, notifications, or pretense. It’s the feelings between the words that make us who we are, and Poetry & Coffee celebrates that.” – Audrey Dimola

“Going to Poetry & Coffee allowed me to not only revisit a poem that has moved me, but it has made me question each line. It has pushed me to see it in more ways than I ever could if I were to just keep it to myself. No poet should be a selfish poet. And every poet should be exposed to all that is out there.” – Crystal Rivera

“Poetry & Coffee is a wonderful opportunity to dedicate some precious time to an evening meal and conversation with people in the writing community you didn’t even realize you had!” – Catherine LaSota

“It was refreshing. Poetry was the starting point, but it opened up discussions about art, life, ideas, perceptions, perspectives. Artists of any persuasion will benefit, and human beings too. – Patricia Damon

“Poetry and Coffee is simply fabulous! Part meet-up, part seminar in the history of great writing, and part inspiration – all facilitated by the gifted and talented Queens-based poet, Valerie G. Keane. This is a must-read, must-not-miss event for grown-ups.” – Anne Born

“It went beyond poetry. It was about the importance of community building. The art of conversation is invaluable.” – Molly Goldstone

“Thank you for the beautiful, inspiring experience! My feet brought me here for a reason.” – Jennifer Harmon

“Healing, inspiring, life-changing… A reminder that the sun will shine on tomorrow.” – Karlo

“Sublime, magical, and inexplicable moment when words emerge and touch levels we never expect.” – Samuel Nemir

“It’s real. There’s no other event like it – not just in Queens, but anywhere.” – Devin Doyle

“Immensely inspiring!” – Dr. Claire Fitzpatrick

“A thought-provoking soirée that ignites the imagination and nourishes the soul.” – Joan Willette

“I have so much to think, read, and write about! This was wonderful. I loved the variety of poems that people chose to read and everything we each brought to the poems. Will definitely be back.” – Christina Tesoro

“This is fun and enlightening. I am so grateful to be a part of this!” – Hugh Tipping